What are storm-chasers?

Hail chasers, or storm chasers are a class of PDR technicians who travel around the country repairing cars at various locations such as body shops, car dealerships and some retail locations. Some are very skilled at their craft and often make a good living from this lifestyle. Others can be a little shady to work with. The ability to move shop and head to the next town can be used as a way to make more money during the short storm season. Some techs even work overseas traveling to other countries for repair based upon the weather patterns. The long-term results of their work are not always the deciding factor to the quality, or lack of in their repairs. The financial rewards for making more repairs can be highly enticing when they have a limited time to be in one area and it just becomes a money game.

It’s important to choose a PDR shop that is embedded with its community. If a problem with your vehicle should occur after the initial damage was address, it’s always best to know the company you worked with will still be there for you.

I have recently noticed a high number of hail focused companies set up more permanent shops in the various cities along the Front Range of Colorado. These are still hail chasing companies with aggressive sales teams, eager to capture hail claims. Often times, they will pressure people on the spot or offer them cash back, free ipads or other schemes in order to gain access to the hail claim and that insurance money. They figure they will make some money off the claim no matter the end results and are often motivated by an easy commission if they can convince you to turn your vehicle over to them. They will often make their customers write 5 star reviews as compensation for waiving the deductible, making the company appear more legitimate than they really are.

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