What about damaged paint?

When the metal flexes from an impact, the paint moves with it and surprisingly has a good degree of flexibility. Sometimes when the energy from the impact travels to a braced area or body line, the paint can crack. This is why we will pay particular attention to hail damage near the edges of the panels when we are documenting a hail claim. In those cases where the paint has cracked, the panel should be repainted to return the vehicle to its pre-loss condition as best possible.

In other cases where maybe the paint was scratched a little from a sharp object hitting the panel, PDR will still be the most economical method of repair. As a courtesy, if you provide us with a bottle of paint touch up for your vehicle, we will we remove as much of the dent as possible and then apply paint touch up the damaged paint. While the dent repair may be completely gone, the touch paint application will not make the paint flaw fully disappear.

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