Is my dent a good candidate for PDR?

Not all dents can be worked out the same way. Newer metals are becoming lighter / thinner than those used in the past in order to meet increased fuel economy standards. Here are some examples of conditions we look for when determining if the dent is a good candidate for our process:

  • Depth or sharpness of the dent. Stretched dents require special handling and may not be repairable with PDR techniques. 
  • Obstructions such as sound deadeners or internal bracing may interfere with the process or make it much more difficult. 
  • Paint conditions / damage to the paint can often indicated a severe stress to the metal. Cracked paint is often an indication of this severity and may require traditional body repair methods as the paint has been compromised by the impact. 
  • Location of the dent – Access to the back side of the dent is important in most cases.

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