A Car dealership is having a hail sale. Is that a good deal?

If dents don’t bother you and you want to save a little money, then the choice is yours and you may save some money as long as you don’t plan on getting repairs done. 

If you are considering having the vehicle fixed after you make your purchase, then we suggest you proceed with great caution. When a car dealership gets hit with hail damage their insurance covers their inventory for repairs minus their deductibles. Legally they are not supposed to make money on these repairs but all too often, hail chasers are more than willing to cut corners and make the cars look good enough for the average consumer. 

Almost immediately after a hail event, storm-chasers will descend upon the affected dealerships looking for work. A bidding war ensues and the dealership will then be able to get their inventory fixed for less money than the insurance company paid out and in most cases, it’s a lot less. The storm-chasers then get numerous cars to work on and they will often do this at a very fast pace to make the most money out of the deal as possible. This often leads to technicians cutting corners, not fixing all the dents, interior trim being damaged, etc. Needless to say, most cars are never quite the same after this process and unfortunately most consumers are unaware of this at first. This happens to brand new cars as well as used cars.

The most severely damaged cars generally do not get fixed as it would require new panels or roofs so these vehicles are sold off to their customers at a discount, but that discount is often way less than what it actually takes to make the car right.

We suggest that if you are really looking to buy car from a dealership with hail damage, that you see if you can bring it to our shop for a quick evaluation and then make a business decision from there. We will give you honest feedback and advise from there. There is no charge for this service.

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