Paintless Dent Removal




Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a method designed for removing minor dents from the body of a vehicle without affecting the painted finish. The technique can be used on both steel and aluminum panels as a quick and cost-effective way to remove hail damage, door dings, creases, body line dents and many large dents as well.


Using specialized tools and reflection lighting, our trained technicians remove each dent with accurate precision until the damage is restored to its original appearance. By gently massaging the dent and reading the reflection of light in the dent, our technicians can apply the right amount of pressure in the precise areas it is needed to completely remove the dent.


With traditional PDR, access plays a key role. Certain items such as tail lamps or headliners may need to be de-trimmed to gain access to the back of the dents. We have dedicated Remove and Install (R&I) technicians who specialize in this often overlooked but crucial role. When access is not likely, we will use another method of removing dents called Glue Pulling.


Paintless Dent Repair is an art mastered only by trained, highly dedicated professionals. The process may look simple and easy, yet it is not. Training centers commonly charge $500 a day for a two-week course but the majority of people who attempt to learn PDR quit within a few months.  An apprenticeship is the best way to become a skilled technician, with an understanding that the training itself generally takes a year or more to become proficient with even the most basic dents. Many people dabble in learning this art, but only a select few master it.

Is PDR environmentally friendly?

One of the other great things we love about PDR is that it is a clean, eco friendly process.  Unlike traditional auto body repairs that require body fillers, sanding, toxic chemicals and paints to remedy dented metal, PDR offers an environmentally friendly service solution which allows you to maintain your vehicle’s original paint finish.

Why is the factory paint so important?

The durability of the factory paint finish on your vehicle cannot really be replicated. Vehicles painted at the factory, before plastics and other materials are added to the build, require a baking and curing process. The heat applied during the baking cycle is often over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which can affect plastic materials adversely. This heating and curing process produces an exceptionally durable finish which is more resistant to chipping. Repainted vehicles tend to chip more easily and with larger paint chips, therefore it is important to retain your factory finish whenever possible.

What are the limitations of PDR?

A wide range of damage can be repaired using PDR or GPDR (Glue Pull Dent Removal), provided the painted surface is generally intact. Scuffs and clear coat scratches can often be polished out as a part of our service to make the repair look as good as possible. Severe impacts that have caused the paint to crack or the metal to stretch, however, may require traditional repair methods to properly repair the damage.

What is Glue Pulling?

In addition to having mastered the art of PDR, Dents By Hand will use another technique to remove dents. When gaining access to the backside is not possible or practical, we depend on our skills with Glue Pulling. GPDR (Glue Pull Dent Removal) is the art of removing dents with specially designed tabs, hot glue, and a lifting device such as a mini lifter or a slide hammer.


A small dab of hot glue is applied to the center of the tab and then carefully placed onto the dent. After a short set time, the mini lifter or slide hammer is used to reverse the dent out. A little spray of isopropyl alcohol is then applied to the glue to release it from the panel. From there, we can then tap down the high spot as needed until the metal is flat.


This technique is crucial for hail repairs to areas where we cannot easily access the back side of the dent, such as with the roof rails. This method relies on the quality of the paint to be most effective. Chipped, scratched or repainted paint may lead to failure during the process. Our technicians can generally determine if a panel has been repainted through careful examination and will take additional precautions in these situations.

We have also worked out creases and certain larger dents with glue pulling alone. Our extensive experience with this technique often sets us apart from the competition and allows us to repair dents other technicians have been unable to repair.

What are the Main Advantages of PDR?

Save Money – PDR produces better results than traditional body work at a fraction of the cost.


Save Time – Our process commonly allows small dents or dings to be removed in less than an hour. Larger dents are often done within the same day, while hail damage repairs are done in days, not weeks like traditional body shop repairs.


Preserves Vehicle Value – By retaining your factory finish and manufacturer’s warranty. When we are done, it’s as if the dent was never there.


Protect the Environment – No hazardous chemicals released into the environment.


Non-Invasive Repairs – The PDR process does not require the use of fillers or repainting, patchwork solutions which could result in paint mismatch or in exposing poor workmanship later on.

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