How does PDR Paintless Dent Removal work?

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Minor Dents

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the delicate process whereby hail dents and small dings are meticulously massaged out from the backside of the panels. Trained technicians, using specialized tools and special reflection lighting, remove each dent with accurate precision until the damage area is returned to its original appearance.

It’s an art mastered only by trained and highly dedicated professionals.  It looks simple, yet it’s not. Most people who attempt to learn PDR quit within their first few weeks. An apprenticeship is the best way to become a skilled technician however the training generally takes a year or more to become proficient with even the most basic dents. Many people dabble in learning this art but only a select few master it.

PDR is also a clean, ecofriendly process. Unlike traditional auto body repairs that require body fillers, sanding, toxic chemicals and paints to remedy dented metal, PDR offers an environmentally friendly service solution which allows you to maintain your vehicle’s original paint finish.

When properly done, the result is a clean and undetectable repair.  It’s as if the dent was never there!

Best of all, PDR is the most cost effective, and fastest way to remove door dings, minor dents and hail damage from your vehicle.

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