At Dents By Hand, we’ve worked through countless storm events which gives us the experience and expertise to work with our clients effectively. It’s not just about taking the dents out of your car. It’s about creating a space where our customers feel confident in choosing Dents By Hand to handle their claim. 

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Once you make the decision to have your vehicle repaired with us, we guide you through the next steps as we create a game plan for your vehicle. We can usually find ways to help our clients on their deductibles as well.  

During our inspection, we put our trained eyes to work, looking over your vehicle for any problem areas such as cracked paint or damaged moldings—things your insurance adjuster may have missed. Documentation marks are then outlined on the vehicle when needed. 

We then submit a detailed assessment to your insurance company and they will desk review or send out an adjuster for re-inspection. We advocate for your behalf when anything is in question or wanting to be dismissed by the adjuster. We come to an agreement and then begin the repairs.

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Our trained technicians, using specialized tools and special reflection lighting, remove each dent with accurate precision until the damage area is returned to its original appearance. We also coordinate additional services such as windshield replacement, parts, clear masks, or painting of bolt-on panels such as hoods with local, trusted shops who share our same value for quality.

From the start of your vehicle’s evaluation to final delivery, we put Quality Control measures in place and automatic reviews are triggered as the repairs progress, ensuring the highest quality to even the most minor details. 

Call or email us today to get the process started. We have immediate openings.