An in-person estimate is the best way to receive a proper estimate. 

We have the option of bringing the vehicle into our shop to see it under PDR lights. These are specially designed LED lights on mobile stands that allow us to really see a dent and know just what’s going on with it. We want our clients to see this as well so they can learn from what they see.

Mobile Tech RX

We can then better discuss the repair with you after this assessment is made. We use MobileTech RX to create digital estimates of your dents!

These estimates are done at our retail shop locations and only take a few minutes to create. 

Hail Image

Hail Damage Evaluations

These assessments generally take about 20 minutes.  Please bring any paperwork you may have from your insurance company so we can help you better understand just what needs to be done with your vehicle and to better determine repair times and advise you towards the best end results. There is no charge for this service. If you require a written estimate to begin the process, we are happy to accommodate when time allows. Our most accurate estimates are completed when documenting a claim in for repairs.