electric hybrid

Certified for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Dent By Hand is now IMI Certified for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles!

During the 2019 Mobile Tech Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, Michael Hand became Level II certified for the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) course for routine maintenance activities. Nebel Moreno completed his certification shortly thereafter in Colorado giving us 2 technicians certified to perform this operation.

The IMI(UK) Institute of Motor Industry course provides the following instruction:

  • How to work safely on hybrid and electric vehicle systems
  • The correct methods for shutting down and isolating high voltage systems
  • The principles of high voltage battery construction, management and monitoring systems
  • The layout and construction of hybrid and electric drive powertrain systems, and the identification of key components

The IMI Level II Electric Vehicle Certification requires the technician pass a written exam and complete a physical power-down of an Electric Vehicle so that it is safe to work on. This is designed to protect the vehicle electronics and the technician working on the vehicle.

Dents By Hand works on a high number of full electric vehicles such as various Tesla models, the Nissan Leaf and the Audi e-tron, along with Hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, Audi Q5 Hybrids and the Porsche Panamera or Cayenne models with these features. We have always taken great care when working with these systems and with the knowledge gained from the IMI course, we have furthered our skillset to safely isolate the high voltage systems while working on these vehicles.

Why would you need a certified technician to work on Hybrid or Electric Vehicles?

The high voltage DC systems can pose an intense hazard when using metal tools to work dents out from the backside of the panel if you are not careful to avoid these power lines running in these areas. Damage to the electrical system or serious injury or death could occur to the technician if precautions are not met. The vehicle must be rendered safe to work on for certain operations.

We have extensive experience with these vehicles and protecting our employees and the onboard electronics is a high priority for us. Insurance companies will cover this operation as part of the repair procedure and we usually include this service as a key part of our dent repair process.