Glue Pull Dent Removal (GPDR) is an evolving technique which allows us to tackle repairs which that not normally be possible using traditional PDR methods.  

For this process, a small dab of hot glue is applied to the center of the tab and then carefully placed onto the dent. After a short set time, a mini lifter or slide hammer is used to reverse the dent out. A little spray of isopropyl alcohol is then applied to the glue to remove it from the panel. From there we then tap down the high spot as needed until the metal is flat.

The GPDR technique is crucial for hail repairs to areas where we can’t get to the back side of the dent such as roof rails and our extensive experience with this technique sets us apart from the competition!

Not all dents are a good candidate for this process. Deep or sharp dents can be much more difficult to fully remove as you are basically using the painted surface to pull the metal back to its original shape. Also, poorly re-painted surfaces could result in paint failure during the GPDR process. A good technician using proper lighting can often identify if a panel has been re-painted.