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Our technicians are simply the best in the business. We have years of experience in this industry and are committed to providing the absolute best service and technical skill in paintless dent removal.

One of our core values is to provide a professional service on a cleaner, greener planet. No paint, no fumes, no toxic waste of any sort. And- Our work is unconditionally guaranteed.

Dent Specialist

“Just tell them, Yamahas and Nissans.”

Wes is the master of dents at Dents By Hand. A technical specialist in dent repair, Wes got his start at body shops with an original intent to become a painter but found his real calling when he started “pushing dents”.

Wes is a new owner of a Yamaha R6 and enjoys riding on mountain roads with his friends and is a lover of Nissan cars. You’ll find Wes in the back of the shop head down and focused on perfecting repairs on massively hail damaged vehicles; if he is working on your vehicle and you love Nissans and Yamaha’s too, step into the shop and say, "Hi"!

Office Manager

“I love working with people, after working with creative college students I feel like I can handle just about anything.”

Liz is a rock star office manager. She can multitask and go with the flow better than water. Most of her career was spent working as the assistant director in the Student Life division at Penn State and Penn College where she wrestled pythons and water moccasins that got loose in student Residence Halls (actually, she helped determine what to do with those adventurous students). Her experience in working with venturesome college students makes her an amazing customer service specialist and someone for insurance companies to reckon with.

Shop Foreman

“I work on cars in my spare time. That’s why my job really isn’t a job, I get to come and do what I love every day.”

Andriy is considered to be the master of all trades in the shop, able to do all roles necessary to keep the shop running. One of the brilliant minds in the shop, he can trouble shoot just about anything making him a valuable asset to the team. Born in the Ukraine, Andriy moved to the states when he was 14 and learned English through immersion by immediately attending his first year in high school, which is no easy feat. He keeps the staff laughing and on their toes with his voracious passion for honesty and quality.

Shop Technician

“I feel like we are all family here at Dents by Hand and we take care of each other.”

Nebel started with Michael as shop foreman trimming cars and is now on track to become a dent repair technician. He loves working for Dents By Hand and is a loyal part of the team. He has a special role as “tech student”; he learns the ropes at all level and is being mentored to push dents in the future.

Nebel loves family and his job and will do whatever it takes to get the job done right and take care of the customer and fellow employees.

Shop Owner

“I see the reversal of a dent as a profound transformative process.”

As the shop founder and owner, Michael brings a unique perspective to dent repair. He’s always loved manipulating metal with his hands and finds it to be more of a spiritual practice than a job. Having built a business around work he loves, Michael has a high return referral customer base with five-star average ratings on Facebook, Google and Yelp.

Customer service is a huge priority for Michael and it shows both in his customer satisfaction and his work quality.